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Say goodbye to outdoor home chores. Outsource your most burdensome tasks to our local professionals.  It’s fast, easy, efficient, and completely free to sign up and to get your quote. 


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Customer Testimonials


"What a great app! Our family snow blower broke, so I needed a plow. We had just been hit with about 10 inches of snow. Plow driver was there in no time and did a great job.  I will definitely use again. Thank you!"


"Lawn care service in Jacksonville, FL has never been easier with the Plowz & Mowz App. I order a lawn mow service when I need it and when I want it instantly!"


"I love this app and service. Living in Rochester, NY means crazy winters without much predictability, and having the ability to send for a plow, without even making a phone call, is like living in the future! The app is easy, the plow-folks are awesome and do a great job. I set up a plow for the morning and when I get into my car, it's like the snow fairy came in the night and took away the snow in my driveway. I really can't overstate how much I love Plowz."




Plowz & Mowz gives contractors a chance to get noticed and empowers the individual who may not have the means to advertise.
— The Boston Globe
Using technology to optimize existing coverage routes.


"After joining...we’re now making $25,000 more. Not wasting time, maxing equipment utilization."


"Before joining MOWZ, we were only cutting 8 homes a day. I now average almost 20. They make earning money easy.”

Coastal Greenscapes, North Carolina

"We added $66K to our revenue, a 23% increase!"

Lawn mowing? There’s an app for that”
— USA Today
This is my favorite story of the year!
— CNBC: Closing Bell
A Solution for people who don’t want to shovel their driveways.